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1. The Message of the Moment Banner Cycler.
2. Announce Your Arrival In Style
3. More retribution...CS Style
4. This plugin contains speech functions and commands.
5. A plugin for enabling limited teleporting abilities.
6. Team Based Glowing for Counter-Strike and TFC
7. Play custom wav files when a user says a keyword.
8. Anti-flood control for those yacky players.
9. Enables easy admin_chat and admin_say key binding.
10. Do some common commands without typing.
11. Plugin to respond to certain chat messages.
12. Friendly fire votes and auto-responses.
13. Kick everyone without clan tags and set a password.
14. Add weapon restriction votes in Counter-Strike.
15. Help a newbie access the console.
16. This plugin contains various teleporting commands.
17. Announces time remaining automatically.
18. Server auto-response script.
19. Add gravity voting to your server.
20. Matrix jumps in HL? Sure.
21. A few file access functions in a plugin.
22. IRC type action plugin.
23. Cofee? For the dead?
24. Greatly enhanced llama
25. A replacement for plugin_CS.
26. Fun Mode Voting..Sounds Fun!
27. Camper detection in a plugin.
28. A revival of Jag's playerinfo.
29. Ooooh the colours....
30. More votes than a Florida Election!
31. A replacement for the plugin_fun.
32. Get the time left on your map votes.
33. Server Time/Date, Stopwatch and Alarm Plugin
34. More glow colours and some help to boot.
35. A map listiing tool for you server.
36. Add a touch of class... or ass to your llama's
37. This is a lazy mans addon for AdminMod.
38. Centersays with sound. Cool.
39. Setup your user security via the console.
40. Private conversations like chat rooms
41. Forced Team Balancing
42. Global Warfare taunt plugin
43. A bunch of commands for you Admins.
44. Stop users or teams in their tracks.
45. Clan match Setup and timer.
46. The MAT finally available in a plugin!
47. A HLDS map vote that keeps showing the winning map
48. A nice server shutdown.
49. A new way of doing connectoin messages.
50. Commands for working with bots.
51. Private clan chat messages.
52. Slapping for a foul mouth
53. Gravity voting to stop those cute little bunny hoppers.
54. Better than banning the AWP.
55. An updated shutdown.
56. I see dead people...actually I hear them.
57. An enhanced point script.
58. Lock your CS teams.
59. A plugin for unblocking doorways that are blocked by a dispenser or a sentrygun.
60. Change the mp_footsteps and mp_flashlight without rcon
61. Bring out your dead! *er* No dead player span for sounds.
62. Ban voting...I love to ban.
63. Time Remaining Countdown
64. THE clanmatch plugin.
65. csay/tsay for the masses.
66. A replacement for plugin_base that has more colours.
67. A new admin_kick that remembers.
68. Votes for camping, afk and ban.
69. Cheat and speed commands
70. Some commands made easy.
71. Change your times in Counter-Strike.
72. Set Rates and Sendvelocity Plugin.
73. More fun voting.
74. Kick inactive players.
75. Block those creative curses.
76. Admin Definable Triggers for chat messages.
77. Disable chatting on the server.
78. Disable HWguys in TFC
79. Another consgreet. A small change from Ascads
80. Class restriction commands
81. Roll The Dice. A bit buggy but a neat idea.
82. Slap voting for campers and the like.
83. This plugin is used for banning people by ip address.
84. The Anticheat plugin. (OGC4/HLH)
85. Findning norecoil players.
86. A slay and stack vote.
87. Like a bot but not. Get it?
88. Another flood protector.
89. Plugin to allow limited spectator use in TFC.
90. An update retrobution with a nice swear filter.
91. VoiceComm control.
92. Votes for gag and llama.
93. Base plugins with extra logging
94. A very pretty map vote
95. Cancel map votes.
96. A sniper vote.
97. Cancel map and kick votes.
98. Send naughty players to prison.
99. Updated: Leave messages for *specific* clients as they connect
100. Automagically ban mygot.
101. Player punishment plugin.
102. Map vote replacement
103. Another consgreet plugin.
104. Advanced Gravity Voting.
105. DOD 2.0 plugin by {BB}
106. Show how long your map has been running.
107. Are you a gambling man?
108. A modified antiflood.
109. A nice map cycler
110. Bans players based on their name.
111. More democracy.
112. No lag antiflood
113. An evil plugin to kill them all.
114. Kick idle players.
115. Log all Admin commands to a text file
116. Protected vote commands that bite back.
117. Restarts rounds instead of maps
118. Warn an punish players.
119. Some common commands to add to CS.
120. A modified DOD plugin
121. Tells users what classes they can use.
122. Detect player nick changes.
123. Lets you see the connected clients IP address
124. Cheat codes for your server.
125. Putting people in prison.
126. Stop teams in their tracks
127. Plugin to collect IDs of players connecting to server.
128. Force client to take a screen shot.
129. A CS specific consgreet
130. Change to CD Compliance
131. Remember player names.
132. Three DOD plugins in one.
133. Force client to quit HL.
134. An updated Quit.
135. The BIG BEN of plugins.
136. Another cure for de_dust syndrome.
137. Clip, no-clip, clip, no-clip, clip, no-clip, clip, no-clip.
138. A modification on sank_dice with new prizes
139. Kamikazi!
140. A map search plugin.
141. Control the rate of your clients.
142. Add CSGuard checks on the fly.
143. Rate Management Plugin
144. Map Management Plugin
145. Name Management Plugin
146. CS-Guard menu control.
147. Another DoD plugin to try.
148. Announces and writes time remaining.
149. Makes speech commands easier.
150. A more flexible Highlander system.
151. Limit the use of standard admin commands.
152. Redirect players to another server
153. Display information messages to clients.
154. This is a clan tag check plugin
155. Easier teleportation commands than plugin_cheat.
156. NeoTF Key bindings for n00bs
157. Protect Tag Plugin
158. Make adding new Admins a snap!
159. Voting for Cheating Death required.
160. This script allows for Diablo2 style emoting and whispering.
161. This plugin will automaticly ReDirect players to another server of your choice.
162. Show the last 10 cheaters from CSGuard.
163. Lure players to your empty server with a popular map
164. Allows team changing for the Science and Industry mod.
165. A simple voting plugin to enable/disable microphone use.
166. Allows for control of JoeBots through AdminMod.
167. Control the behaviour of Halfd while in-game.
168. Call for an admin
169. Activates vote allowance when no admin in online
170. Switching server configurations online
171. Let the best man... glow!
172. Bugblatter's plugins in other languages than English
173. Monster Plugin
174. Natural Selection End of Round Plugin
175. Radio4 Plugin
176. Email Report Plugin
177. Scripts on the server
178. Sounds on connect and disconnect
179. Team Change Plugin
180. Whois Plugin
181. Karaoke Plugin
182. Restrict the maps to vote for.
183. Something for the clients to read as they connect.
184. An additional CS plugin.
185. Add some extra colours to glow
186. General vote plugin
187. Allow to cancel any vote command
188. CS-Guard style of centersay
189. Tag any vote function
190. Option to kick the person who started the vote
191. A server side command menu
192. Page the admins on the server
193. Privately message people in csay and tsay
194. Different types of TSay
195. Some control for CSGuard
196. Bad word filter
197. A better kick command
198. laserbeam Metamod Plugin control.
199. Cavey TeamKill
200. Change between server configs.
201. A Client Connect Announce.
202. An updated auto response.
203. Identify the Admins on the server.
204. Redirect people to allied server.
205. Psycho Server Stats
206. Announces time remaining automatically by speech and centersay.
207. A german translation of the standard admin plugins.
208. Set and store sv_alltalk
209. Flexible bot management (The better Fakefull)
210. Scheduled tasks (cron light)
211. HLTV Announcer
212. Counter those jumping stats cheaters
213. Psychostats 2.x beta Plugin
214. Flexible and easy clanwar management v2
215. Flexible and easy clanwar management v3
216. Turning on/off hookmod
217. Hookmod bind plugin
218. Sets sv_alltalk
219. FoxBot Control Plugin (BotCon)
220. Force players to change class with ease.
221. An enhanced map voting system to replace plugin_hldsld_mapvote.
222. Server Time/Date
223. Vote for "The One Mode" on "The Specialists"
224. Plugin for display of client IPs
225. Greet connecting players with HL Speech
226. Disable FoxBots
227. Announce players with csay and sound
228. Punish those spawn killers
229. Mixing players at Round Start
230. Locating players on map
231. Name Change Plugin
232. Load random map
233. Mute those HL-Voice killjoys
234. Axe Kill Announcer.
235. Bomb Announcer.
236. Bomb countdown timer.
237. Ptahhotep's Team Balancer (PTB) 1.6.
238. Ptahhotep's Team Balancer (PTB) 1.7 beta.
239. Fun Kill Announcer.
240. Grenade Enhancer.
241. Headshot Kill Announcer.
242. Showing HP of your attacker.
243. UT2K like style for Counter-Strike kills.
244. Killing Streak Announcer.
245. Knife Arena.
246. Knife Kill Announcer.
247. Announces Last Scout.
248. Best Player and Teamscore Announcement.
249. Bomb Timer Randomizer.
250. Redirect connections on full servers to another server.
251. Score publisher.
252. Enforcing Team Goals.
253. Team Kill Detection.
254. Auto player team selection for incoming players to server.
255. Displays time remaining.
256. Take revenge on team killers
257. VIP Announcer.
258. Manages voting for Botman's Monster Plugin.
259. Clan vs All Plugin.
260. Need a cup holder?
261. Custom wav files / text messages when certain players connect.
262. Temporary vote ban.
263. Sign messages with your name.
264. Slap the whole team.
265. Gambling in TFC.
266. Self-Chickenization.
267. Gather people around you with teleport.
268. Votes for Mod DMZ.
269. Get teams even by balancing bots.
270. Plays a sound and gives a message, if an admin connect the server.
271. Nextmap, Currentmap, Time, TimeRemaning, and TimeInto.
272. Knife Arena by Asylum (KAA).
273. Warn and punishment plugin
274. Let non-cheating death users glow in team colors.
275. Generate admin commands for any server variable.
276. Kick all players but your clanmates for practice.
277. Radiomenu for TFC
278. Fixed Team Balance (PTB) for CS 1.6
279. Teleport player(s) to you or another player.
280. Random Server Says
281. AM commands for every server variable
282. Set sv_alltalk or vote for it
283. No admin_vote_(kick/ban/restart) when admin is online.
284. Allows you to say 'noclipme' and get temporary noclip abilities.
285. Realbot Administration
286. AWP Restrictions
287. Drop primary weapon at the end of the round.
288. Text file based consgreet with all the fixings.
289. Yaki Quit Plugin
290. Beam me up, Scotty.
291. Hossalop, hossalop! Let's go! Hurry, hurry!
292. B1tchslap a target player.
293. B1tchslap and kill a target player.
294. Tells current time of day.
295. Anti-Name-Flood Plugin. Kicks players, who change their nickname to often
296. Warn players similar to AIM's warning system.
297. Rotate Stripper2 config files.
298. Frontline Force specific commands.
299. Shows a middle finger along with your message.
300. Time Remaining Plugin with Ads.
301. Who do you call?
302. One knife only round
303. Clan vs public
304. Enhanced killstreak
305. Protect your server from lame TKers.
306. Voting for a map
307. Control the monster plugin.
308. Changing sv_alltalk variable
309. Track chat and admin command usage
310. Vote for restart round
311. Searches autmatically for restricted models
312. Spawndamage prevention.
313. Alltalk votes and auto-responses.
314. Speak & Spell for HL!
315. Frag count Plugin
316. Restrict playing time for non-members